Saturday, 31 July 2010

Westie and black cat - cross stitching

Here it is finished and framed - I am so pleased with the way it turned out. This is going in the room I craft in which has a yellow and blue theme (uhm maybe prompted by working on this for three years!). This piece had to take a back seat whilst I was studying for my MBA but is now a little reminder of Angus the Westie, here he is below. He passed away in 2007 but had lived to be nearly 16 years old.
I had this picture painted  in 2004 by the lady who also does my framing-not a portrait as such! but is a representation of me and Angus - it is called "Dreaming with Angus".


Crafty Chris said...

Hi Lyn
Your cross stitch is gorgeous it will look lovely in your craft room, so nice to have, and the picture looks fab too, my Tina is 16 now although very good for her years.
Christine x

Lisa Jane said...

your cross stitch looks fabulous framed... your craft room will be looking even more fab now
Thanks for entering the crafty sentiments challenge by the way
Lisa ;)

kayc said...

Oh your cross stitch is just beautiful. It will look stunning in your craft room. Have a nice weekend. Kathleen x

Lynne said...

Wow Lynn this is fab. You are so talented. Cross stitch is one of the few things I haven`t tried, maybe I`ll give it a go.
Lynne xxx

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Lynn,
The cross stitch is gorgeous. I love the wee doggies. You obviously have numerous talents.
Fiona x

Twiglet said...

Lovely pic - Wipso is the cross stitcher in the family but I don't think she has much time to do it now - 1008 customers at the last count!!

Cheryl said...

oh hun this is one,stunning,cross stich,and as for your wee doggies oh just adorable my westie is 15 now bless him,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Merry said...

Such a beautiful cross stitch and so love the artist take on you and your wonderful dog dreaming. What a great memory.

Rose said...

oh this is such a sweet cross stitch piece and what a wonderful memory to have of your beloved Angus :)

Spyder said...

This looks fabulous you are so clever and you must be very pleased with it, it will last forever and what a wonderful memory of your little dog!! I love Westies!
I've had a go at cross stitch, my only go! between the age of 5 and 7, it took that long to do.. just patterns, a 'television' cover (I mean??? what is that!?!) my mum still has the attic!

Queenie said...

Hiya Linby,
your cross stitch is truly stunning and the portrait of you an Angus both something to treasure for sure.
Been having a looksie at all you have been up to and love the piccy of your craft space and the shelves!!!
Thank you for the warm welcome back and promise to stop back soon.
Big hugs

MaryT said...

Hello Lynn, This came out so pretty, Angus would be proud:) Came through surgery OK will write soon.

Cardarian said...

Hiya Linby! So you are off today too? Hope you get some crafting in, love your cross stitch and the portrait of you and Angus! I used to have a Maltese who also lived till an old age and passed away in 2008! You have been doing some lovely stuff lately!
Lots of hugs,

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love the pic of you and Angus, it's fab. Wonderful x-stitch too Lin, I keep forgetting about mine :-/
Anne x